The Visual Communication Graphic Design program at Northwest State Community College allows individuals to explore a variety of opportunities in the field of design.

"You'll meet friends to collaborate with and be able to cheer for each other's successes and laugh at our failures while learning from them."

- Seth Brakefield, Class of 2019

"The design program at Northwest States gives you the opportunity to collaborate and work with students and faculty on multiple projects. They help you expand your skills and express yourself creatively."

- Kim Eggebrecht, Class of 2019

"The design program at Northwest State teaches students to learn through experience. Students get to learn in a work-type environment."

- Carrington Pierce, Class of 2019

We believe that we can have meaningful impact on the region by developing creative problem solvers

"I love teaching in this program because I get to see students grow; not only as designers, but also as people who, when they come into the program, aren't always aware of the possibilities available to them."

- Michael Vanderpool, Lead Faculty

We find opportunity in every challenge

Our Design program develops the skills for success in design and any field where collaboration, critical thinking, and accountability matter.

We work from initial idea to completion through observing, brainstorming, sketching, rapid prototyping, and testing.

Our team collaborates by supporting and challenging each other. Our clients come from campus and the community with real problems needing real solutions.

Photograph of a ferris wheel

Photograph by Arielle Young

Poster designed for the Arts & Sciences Summer Stage Theater Camp

Poster by Seth Brakefield

We offer a variety of design courses

Introduction to Visual Communication
(VCT 103)

An overview designed to teach the student about the world of visual communication: how visual communication changes the world, how to use it effectively, and how it impacts the way we live.

(VCT 182)

Photography by Clayton Stemen

An introductory course teaching basic photographic and digital editing techniques. Focus in on camera handling, lighting exposure, and composition. Experience includes creating digital files, digital editing, and image output techniques. Editing techniques will be limited to cropping, contrast and brightness, removal of unwanted flaws, and other correcting procedures.

Layout & Design
(VCT 111)

Menu design by Tegan Hurd

This course covers the relationship among various design elements: balance, proportion, typography, and layout. Message composition, art presentation, copy layouts, the design process, and page makeup will be analyzed using current layout software.

Multimedia Production
(VCT 266)

Web page design by Bryce Conklin

This is the study of multimedia through student exploration and experimentation in various visual presentation technologies including digital media. Emphasis will be on design and production of total presentations by planning content and using a variety of software and hardware.

Video Production
(VCT 268)

The study of video production is to provide a basic knowledge of the process used in pre-production, production, and postproduction activities. Students plan, shoot, edit, and distribute a video as part of a production team. Topics include preparing a script, developing a shot list, videography, editing footage, adding sound tracks, and exporting and rendering video for various uses in various formats.

Vector Graphics
(VCT 120)

Logo design by Kim Eggebrecht

This course focuses on the creation and editing of resolution-independent images. Students use digital drawing techniques to create vector graphics for use in other interactive media projects or as independent compositions. Topics range from the creation of vector graphics through choosing the appropriate output method for their intended use.

3D Computer Modeling
(VCT 261)

Logo design by Brooke Chandler

An introduction of computer modeling used to create 3-dimensional images. The student will be able to create realistic images using 3-dimensional modeling, textures, materials, lighting, and rendering.

Concepts of Visual Communication
(VCT 204)

Advanced visual communication concepts including problem solving, research, design, script writing, storyboarding, training techniques, proposal preparation, cost estimating, and analysis. Overall project management techniques and environmental factors are covered in depth.

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